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"For your escapes from everyday life, Select the picturesque Zagorohoria, Which are one of the most distinctive destinations across Europe!"

Zagorohoria are famous for their unique beauty, the unique architecture and of course the famous and unique in the world Vikos canyon!
Every time the visitor sees this unique magnificence of nature, feels awe and feelings that can not be described in words...

Hotels Zagorochoria

The selected Hotels in Zagorochoria are distinguished for their architecture, which is the birth of Zagorisian hard stone, which took shape and life through the tradition of centuries.
Creation of people who respect the visitor and tradition without neglecting the modern comforts for enjoyable vacations.

The selected Hotels in Zagorochoria Accepting the challenge of creating a space that will harmoniously join the comforts offered by the modern way of life with the traditional aesthetics that is diffused in the area of Zagori, have created for your convenience unique accommodation.

Cheap hotels in Zagorochoria.

Among the many facilities and amenities, on our selectedHotels in Zagorochoria You will find stone-built jacuzzi that offer unique moments of enjoyment and relaxation.
Restaurants with unique, traditional, Zagorian pies and dishes with local recipes and pure local ingredients.
Full trained staff ready to meet your every need since in Zagori the guest is considered and it is our friend and as a friend always deserves the best

On our selected Hotels in Zagorochoria we have deep knowledge of the Zagori region and we are able to offer you a range of activities that provide unique experiences! The possibilities are endless, from simple hiking and trekking in spectacular trails, rafting in the waters of Voidomatis & Arachthos rivers. Also horse riding or even climbing.

On our selected Hotels in Zagorochoria we take care that every day of your stay is special, but also every experience is unforgettable!

All you have to do is to choose one of our selected hotels in Zagorochoria as the destination for your vacations.


Zagorochoria Greece Cheap hotels

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